Family Behaviorist l Allison C. Dankner, M.S.Ed, PSY.B.S

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Allison is a Family Behaviorist and Learning Specialist who is committed to empowering families with children ages 3.5 to 25 years old in working together successfully while raising children's self-esteem and their ability to self-regulate. So that, together, families thrive emotionally, socially, academically and behaviorally. She does this by supporting and coaching you and your children in a psychologically safe environment with a variety of approaches that include shifting mindsets, beliefs, behaviors, critical thinking skills, and academic strategies.

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The Stories Children Tell Themselves

As seen in Parents Guide News

The stories we tell about our children in their presence shapes their self-image. Your children believe you, they believe what you think — an ...

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Reluctant Readers

As seen in Parents Guide News

Many parents complain that their children say books are boring, they don’t like anything and don’t want to read. A large number of these kids h ...

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How To Help Your Reluctant Child Choose an Activity

As seen in Parents Guide News

A common question I am asked by parents is how to help their reluctant child choose an activity in school, or outside of school. Whether it's a ...

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